Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted, 2017 (detail)

Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted (detail)
Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted (detail)

MATERIALS : Folded second hand clothing and wooden armature.
WEIGHT : 1,860 lb.
TOTAL HOURS : 1,000+ work hours.
DESCRIPTION : A cube of carefully folded second hand clothing, measuring 6 x 6 x 7 feet. As one walks around the perimeter, the color values transition from dark to light, with the most intense colors gathered toward the center.

The piece was commissioned by Diesel for the YIA art fair in Paris. It was designed and built in 1 week by a small army of assistants. Management, production and support was provided by the agency Anolis.

#gowiththeflaw #yia #anolis, #fiac

NOTE :The title is from the book The Phenomenology of Mind by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel from 1910.

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