Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside Of Me?, 2009 (video)

Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside Of Me? (time lapse), 2009

Approximate Size:
7′ x 3′ x 3′ (H x W x D)

Second-hand clothing, wood & steel

A portrait of Joaquin Trujiilo, comprised of carefully folded and stacked second-hand clothing. Each garment is categorized by hue and crisscrossed around a central spine. The order is chosen at random.

This piece was created for the show “Homesick” at the Carnegie Art Museum. All the clothing was provided by Joaquin Trujiilo (half of the curatorial team Trujillo/Paumier) and his family. Collecting 900 lbs of clothing is a heroic effort, not to mention that both of them also folded with me for several days! Joaquin even recruited his sisters Margo and Gloria to help which is significant because they are tireless and super detail oriented. Much thanks to the museum staff as well.

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