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My Agenda for Chaos

Front View
Side View >>
Side View Detail >>
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9' x 1' x 2' (H x W x D)
Stretched canvas panels, wooden frame, clothing, foam inserts and pins

This clothing tags in this object form a poem, using both full words and phonetics:

U | R | Desire | 4 | Unity
M | Eye | Agenda | 4 | Chaos

This piece is comprised of 11 individual canvas panels, joined together in a frame. Each panel has a hole cut in the center, revealing a clothing tag. The tag is still attached to the garment, which is hangs down, behind the panel.

The tags are all real brands. I come across them while making other sculptures and set them asside. I also do reseach to extend what is essentially a working lexicon of brands, and purchase garments as needed.