“A Shirts” – Garment Design


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What a fun day that was! In 10/19 I did a little 1-day show at Pip-Squeak Chapeau for The Callicoon Artwalk. It seems like 100 years ago.. I have trouble in even accessing how carefree that day was. The owner of the store insisted on a fashion shoot, which was a lot of fun. I’m wearing my own creation called “A Shirts” made by daisy-chaining 4 dress shirts together at the plackets. 

Clothing Sculpture - A Shirts

Approximate Size: 
4′ x 3′ (H x W)

Four mass-produced button-down shirts. 

Later in the year, I laid the garment on a table, covered it with drafting film and did a rubbing of it. More on that here. An image of that work is below:

Clothing Rubbing, Blue Shirts Daisy-chained
Clothing Rubbing, Blue Shirts Daisy-chained

This work relates to a piece I did called Universal Set in 2008, that I photographed on the rooftop of my east village art studio, seen below. That work morphed into a commission I did for TOMS Shoes. 

Shoe Sculpture: Universal Set, (low)
Shoe Sculpture: Universal Set, (low)