Childhood Drawings


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Dads Birthday Card, 1971, Age 6
Dads Birthday Card, 1971, Age 6

My figure drawing has little improved! Though I did faithfully capture his likeness, in particular his windows peak! Notice he has a heart in his belly. He was an amazing dad. Took me with him to his art studio pretty much whenever I wanted to go. It was an odd and wonderful place, in the middle of an active styrofoam factory that my family owned in Ballston Spa NY.

"Abstract" 1971, Age 6
“Abstract” 1971, Age 6

One of my “Abstracts” as I called them. I probably made this one night at The High Rock bowling lanes in Saratoga Springs, NY. My parents would bring me on league night and I would draw and eat french fries to entertain myself. I feel like I can still smell that place. Leather bowling shoes, floor wax, beer, Crisco and of course the smell of Crayola Crayons.