Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted, 2017

Clothing Sculpture: Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted
Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted
Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted

A cube of carefully folded second-hand clothing. As one walks around the perimeter, the color values transition from dark to light and then back again, with the most intense colors gathered toward the vertical center.

The piece was commissioned by Diesel for the YIA art fair in Paris. It was designed and built in 1 week by a small army of assistants. Management, production and support was provided by the agency Anolis.

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NOTE: The title is from the book The Phenomenology of Mind by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel from 1910.

Approximate Size:
7′ x 6′ x 6′ (H x W x D)

1,860 lbs.

Second-hand clothing & wooden armature

Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted (detail 1)
Ceaselessly Broken and Reconstituted (detail 2)

All the clothing came from in and around Paris. Frayed, stained, stretched out and torn, at once distinct and anonymous.

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Into the Fold, Friends, 2010 (video)

Clothing Sculpture: Into the Fold, Friends, 2010

Description: As part of the Friends Seminary “Peace Week” celebration, I worked with parents and students to create an 8 x 8 foot clothing sculpture.

After a month, most of the clothing was sent to Haiti to support the relief effort.

Approximate Size:
8′ x 8′ x 2′ (H x W x D)

Second-hand clothing, wood and steel

Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside Of Me?, 2009 (video)

Clothing Sculpture: Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside of Me? (Detail)

Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside Of Me? (time lapse), 2009

Approximate Size:
7′ x 3′ x 3′ (H x W x D)

Second-hand clothing, wood & steel

A portrait of Joaquin Trujiilo, comprised of carefully folded and stacked second-hand clothing. Each garment is categorized by hue and crisscrossed around a central spine. The order is chosen at random.

This piece was created for the show “Homesick” at the Carnegie Art Museum. All the clothing was provided by Joaquin Trujiilo (half of the curatorial team Trujillo/Paumier) and his family. Collecting 900 lbs of clothing is a heroic effort, not to mention that both of them also folded with me for several days! Joaquin even recruited his sisters Margo and Gloria to help which is significant because they are tireless and super detail oriented. Much thanks to the museum staff as well.

Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside of Me? (Detail)
Am I Really All the Things That Are Outside of Me? (Detail)

Into the Fold (Brooklyn Borough Hall), 2009 (video)

Clothing Performance: Into The Fold, Brooklyn Heights

Into The Fold, Brooklyn Borough Hall, 2009 (video)

Working with over 20 volunteers, I created a monumental sculpture from 3,615 pounds of second hand clothing. The resulting piece was a 5 x 6 foot cube made in 4 sections.

Why 3,615 pounds? That’s the amount of textile waste created by New Yorkers every 5 minutes.

This event, hosted by the Office of Recycling Outreach and Education, was part of the 5th Annual Green Brooklyn…Green City Fair and Symposium at Brooklyn Borough Hall and Columbus Park. Clothing for the event was loaned by the textile recycling company, Wearable Collections.

Video by Adam Kaufman

Nomad (video), 2007

Clothing Performance: Nomad, 2007

Nomad, 2007 (video)

Originally a site specific piece for the Red Dot Art Fair, This video was filmed in the hotel room the night before the opening. After an early morning edit, we installed a mini DVD player in the closet along with all the clothing from the poem.

Dreams Divided The Natural Uniti
One Free Voice Above The Crowd
R Nomad Identity InStride

Spellbound Acrobat S Bridge The Gap
A Tightrope Outline Barely There

I’m Absolutely Pale
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U Breakaway Speechless 2xist