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The Listen Podcast

I’m excited to share my interview with Kate Jetmore of The Listen Podcast. We talk about getting unstuck, staying motivated and, well, something paranormal happens… 
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The Listen Podcast is all about the power of letting others tell their story: in their own words, at their own pace, highlighting what is most important to them. In the full hour we spent together, I decided to focus on the origin story of my work with second-hand clothing, growing up sensitive and artistic, strategies to stay engaged in the art business and my overall work philosophy. 

Kate Jetmore Photo
Kate Jetmore
Float, 2003
Float, 2003

And if that is not enough, a family ghost story plays a part as well. Here is an excerpt: ..as my great-grandfather sat by the lake in the moonlight, he saw two figures float across the water.  One was the form of his deceased wife and the other was a stranger..

For your convenience, here are Derick’s Rules of Art. Now this is not as exhaustive as Jerry Saltz‘s list, but you don’t have to read a book:

  1. Never turn down work, it will lead to something. 
  2. Complaining does not usually motivate people to help you. Offering solutions and generating excitement around them, does.
  3. Never release anything to the world that you aren’t at least fascinated by. It does not have to be perfect, 99% of the world will never know the difference.
  4. Sharing the work keeps the work alive and growing.
  5. If you are not enthusiastic about your work, don’t expect anyone else to be. 
  6. Don’t compete with other artists. We are stronger together.
  7. Deadlines are magic. Commit to an achievable time frame. When you succeed, it will push you and the work forward.  
  8. Sometimes you have to say no to social obligations (eg. friend’s kid’s 4 year old bday party) and make art instead. You have to be a bit selfish. 
  9. Build a mission statement. I did this many years ago and it continues to be helpful. Here is a great tool: http://msb.franklincovey.com/

We also discuss my latest project, a memorial for those who have died from COVID-19.