Derick Melander creates clothing sculptures that explore the intersection between global consumerism and the intimate relationship we have with what we wear.

Recent commissions include projects for The Chapman Perelman Foundation, Eileen Fisher, Diesel and Swire Properties, Hong Kong.


The Making of “A Cloud Reveals the Moon”, 2018

Derick’s most recent works are made from second-hand clothing, sourced from specific locations and populations. He brings these populations together first as collaborators and then again in the clothing used to create the work. In a sense, these works are collective portraits. Derick celebrates and honors both the individual and the community in each work he creates.

Clothing assemblages wrapped on panels (OK, maybe there is a wig in the first one!). Also, ideas for outdoor sculptures that explore the idea of marking, directing, instructing... but lacking meaning.
The overall shape is that of a thick, free-standing, corner partition. The color vertically transitions from dark to light and the back again. Inside the corner of the structure, shirt sleeves, pant legs, ties etc.. emerge to form bridge-like appendages. These elements express the human need to make connections, and symbolize the idea that we are all one people.